Frequently Asked Questions


Who can donate?

Anyone can donate! Because this takes place 100% online, donors will only need a credit /debit card and access to the internet.   

What forms of donations are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express donations will be accepted. No donations via check, cash, or stock will be accepted.

I will not have access to the internet on the Giving Tuesday. Is there another time I can give?

Yes, you can bring a check to the participating entity or to the Archdiocese of Miami.

Are gifts tax-deductible?

 Yes. All donations are tax deductible and will be for the unrestricted use of your chosen parish/school/program. 

Will donors receive a tax receipt from the parish, school or program?

Donors will receive an automatic tax receipt for their gift at the time the donation is made online. We encourage participating organizations to also follow up with an acknowledgment letter.   

Is there a minimum gift?

 Yes. The minimum donation is $10.     

Is there a maximum gift?

No, there is no maximum donation.    

Can a donor give to multiple parishes, schools, or programs?

Yes! Donors have the option of visiting the different parish/school/program profile pages of the organizations they wish to donate to and make separate donations to any participating organization.   

What if I can't find my favorite parish/school/program on the website?

If you can't find them on the ADOM Giving Tuesday website, they are not participating with the ADOM this year. However, if you’d like to make a gift to them, you still can make an unrestricted donation to them by selecting OTHER and making a note or where/what you’d like your donation to support. 

How will the donations be reported on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement will read: #GiveCatholic for #GivingTuesday

May I pay off an existing pledge with my gift?

No, the ADOM Giving Tuesday initiative is a giving day designed to generate new support. 

May I make an ABCD gift or pay off my ABCD pledge on Giving Tuesday?

No, if you’d like to make a gift or pay off an ABCD pledge, visit

Are there fees associated with donations to ADOM Giving Tuesday?

All donations will be directed to the participating parish/school/program, net of any credit card and transaction fees. Donors will receive a tax deduction on the full donation amount.

Can I make my donation using my cell phone?

Yes. You can use a smartphone that allows you to make a credit/debit card purchases. Launch the web browser and visit  to donate from your smartphone.

What if I notice a transaction error?

Donors who notice a credit card transaction error or have any questions or concerns, should contact the Archdiocese of Miami Development office by calling (305) 762-1112 or sending an email to