Saint James Catholic Church’s mission is to be “Doers of the Word”. We strive to bring the Good News of Jesus-Christ to the community. Any Funds raised will be directed towards equipping our youth and young adults membership for that mission. We will be able to provide more faith filled activities, retreats, missions and outreach geared towards spiritual maturity and social awareness. We want to raise the next generation of Catholics to become true disciples of Christ. Our aim for more youth community outreach, for a food bank and for service engagement with nearby homeless shelters will not only make a difference in our community but will also give our youth a different experience of what it means to put into practice the Gospel of Jesus-Christ as the most effective witness to faith, hope and love.


Goal: $10,000

Parish Youth Service Days


Saint James Parish Youth Service Days – Bridging the gap between faith and works First Saturdays of Every Month at the Sisters of Charity in Miami.

Evangelization Week


  Saint James Parishioners Depart for Neighborhood Evangelization Week 

9 days of walk around the neighborhood and homes of parishioners 

Preceding the Feast of Saint James

Liturgical Dance Ministry


Sisters of Worship/ Saint James Liturgical Dance Ministry focuses on Culture Preservation, Mentoring & Enlivening Faith.